About Us

Lawn 3 North Wales provide a professional lawn treatment service to households and businesses across North Wales, Chester and The Wirral.

As dedicated lawn care professionals, Lawn3 are committed to giving customers the very latest in lawn treatment technology and take great pride in producing lawns that customer can be proud of.

As a business we constantly explore new products that can be used to enhance our customers’ lawns.

NPTC QualifiedEveryone who treats your lawn is a qualified Lawn 3 Green Keeper. All our operators hold full PA1 & PA6 NPTC qualifications which certify them to purchase, prepare and calibrate professional herbicides and sprayers and to operate them to ensure correct application rates without risk to themselves, other people and the environment.


Member of Institue of GroundsmanshipLawn3 is a full member of the Institute of Groundsmanship, a professional an organisation founded by groundsmen, for groundsmen.


The Voluntary InitiativeLawn 3 is registered with The Voluntary Initiative. This initiative is focussed on delivering environmental improvements, especially biodiversity and water quality.
The Voluntary Initiative is a first for our sector, and is undertaking activities in three main areas; Research, Training and Communication and Stewardship.


Overlaying these main areas are three themes into which various activities fall; Protecting Water Quality, Benefiting Biodiversity and Promoting Best Practice